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Affiliate Marketing: Doing it Right

We often feel disappointed when we labour hard at marketing activities and get no positive results.

Quite a few times, I have asked my sponsors in affiliate programs  (those who cared to listen) if I am doing wrong even after

 following their recommended steps.

However, a little knowledge about what to expect can help you avoid that.

Most often, unrealistic expectations set you up for failure and many programs

make it sound like you won’t have to do much to earn a lot.

Check out the following stats offered by one of my mentors with a listening ear.

Expect that 15% of your referrals will never verify their accounts. We can’t understand this – why bother to join something and then not even look at it!

Expect that 60% of your referrals will log in once and never return.

Expect that 20% will promote the program for a while until something more shiny comes along or they give up because they’re not getting the results they expect.

Expect that 5% will upgrade, will stick with the program, will promote it regularly, will get upgraded referrals and earn commissions.

You can compare the above with your experience. If you find something substantially higher, please invite me to join.

Meanwhile we keep persisting. It’s easy to get discouraged but the biggest favour you can do for yourself is to keep doing it. Then you will succeed where others fail. This doesn’t rule out discouragement now and again.

Just remember, persistence is the key to success!


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